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New Products For October

Amish Country Baby White Popcorn, 2 lb.
This white variety popcorn is small with a tender texture. It resembles an old variety that was call....
Amish Country Baby Yellow Popcorn, 2 lb.
Baby yellow popcorn kernels are smaller kernels that produce a tender popcorn with fewer tough, flak....

Amish Country Medium Yellow Popcorn, 2 lb.
Yellow popcorn kernels produce a large and fluffy pieces of popcorn with great corn taste. In....
Amish Country Extra Large Caramel Type, 2 lb.
This large, fluffy popcorn is perfect for making your own caramel popcorn, with a large size but les....

Yoder Microwave Popcorn Kettle Corn 3 3 oz. bags
Like many customers, you will find that the quality of Yoder Microwave Popcorn exceeds that of many ....
Yoder Popcorn - Ladyfinger 1.5 lb. bag
Lady Finger is the smallest kernel available. It is yellow in color and is COMPLETELY HULLESS! Very ....

Yoder Popcorn - White Popcorn 1.5 lb. bag
Traditional large yellow kernels. Pops big and crunchy with fewer "grannies." Sold locally....
Yoder Popcorn - Sunburst Popcorn 1.5 lb bag
Sunburst popcorn is a large kernel with a red stripe.  Being that it is a Yellow popcorn, it will h....

Yoder Popcorn - Baby Blue Popcorn 1.5 lb bag
Baby Blue popcorn is a tiny kernel that pops white with a dark center. This popcorn is sweet, crunch....

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